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Please consult the different contact methods for Rave Advisory below.


For RA Collective Submissions: If you’re looking to have your song released through Rave Advisory’s exclusive artist collective—which includes promo here and on a number of other top-tier outlets—then please send a private link to While we prefer finished tracks, you are welcome to send demos or songs that are nearing completion. We will respond to all collective submissions with feedback.

For Premieres, Interviews/Features, and other Press Inquiries: Please have your agent or representative contact if you’re interested in doing a premiere, interview or premiere. Please specify what you specifically you’re interested in.

For all Promo/Review Submissions: If you’re looking to have your song or album reviewed or promoted, please send a press release and stream link to Should we choose to promote it or review it on the site, we will contact you to let you know.

Advertising & Promotion

For Brands, Companies, Labels, Etc: We offer the ability to buy paid placements on the site. All posts pertaining to your material have a disclosure on them. Your material might also be utilized in ads. We take our authenticity seriously and do not promote or endorse any particular songs, artists, or organizations besides the ones directly affiliated with Rave Advisory. If you’re interested in buying ad space or placements on Rave Advisory, please reach out to


For DMCA & copyright purposes: If we have posted a piece of your work and would like it taken down–be it a photo, video, piece of art, track, et cetera, please let us know. You can do this informally, or if you see no other viable option, you may use the DMCA guidelines to prompt a takedown of the content. Email with subject [DMCA] and a link to the article in question. Please specify the content in question and we will remove the content within 48 hours.

For Letters to the Editor: Should you like to send a letter to the editor in regards to a review, editorial, opinion, or some other piece, we encourage you to send your letters to

For contribution/staff inquiries: If you have any interesting in contributing to Rave Advisory, you can start a dialogue with our editor-in-chief, Noah Weidner. Send him an email at Please include your name and any other relevant information. We’ll be in touch ! 🙂