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“Disorientation,” An Emotional Odyssey Released By Astrale

After releasing his track “Always Be There” featuring the vocals of GIAN, EDM producer Astrale returns with his latest single “Disorientation.” Featuring impeccable vocals from unknown but extremely talented vocalists, “Disorientation” will send chills down your spine and leave you feeling exactly what the title

INTERVIEW: The Breathtaking, Beautiful Masterpieces of Miro

Monty Hancock, hailing from England, is the 20-year-old pianist and EDM producer behind the alias Miro. Arranging intricate piano arrangements with carefully arranged basses and synths, Miro makes listening to music a beautifully entertaining journey. Over the last few years, through features on promoters like

Seven Lions Creates Waves with New EP “Ocean”

Seven Lions has been a monumental name in EDM for quite some time. With the release of his two-track EP with Jason Ross “Ocean” through his label Ophelia, Jeff Montalvo, the mastermind behind Seven Lions, proves why he is one of the biggest names in

Stem is the Music Distributor Artists Need

If you’re an artist, you know all too well the difficulties of getting heard. When confronting listeners and fans and asking them to check out your work nowadays, their first question always seems to be the same: “Will your song be on _____?” Usually, that

The Importance of Raising Students in Music

Music education in schools is vital for where music will be taken in years to come.  Music education needs to be pushed in as many schools as possible to bring to light the joy and creativity of music. Music provides a variety of opportunities for students