PREMIERE: Astrale Releases Beautiful Single “Navigating” from Forthcoming EP

At the beginning of each new year, there is always an uncertainty among fans, artists, and producers. This uncertainty comes from the unknown of what the year will hold for music. Will there be exceptional music from exceptional artists? What albums will be dropped? Who will blow up and who will fade away into the midst of the music industry we are all so enthralled with?

After listening to “Navigating”, the lead single featuring beautiful vocals from Slyleaf off of his forthcoming EP, “the things you cannot see”, Astrale gave me hope of what’s to come in 2019. I have been a fan of Astrale’s for about a year now, and his music has had a great impact on me, with his track “Hear Myself” being a favorite of mine from last year.

I was completely taken away by the minimalistic vibe that I got from this song. It is very easy to tell that the focus is not on the drops or how much of a “banger” it is but in the story woven amongst the intricacy of instrumentation. Each chord is carefully crafted, every melody is perfectly tweaked to match with the chords. The vocals from acclaimed singer-songwriter Slyleaf complement the song and bring it to its peak potential.

Navigating (feat. Slyleaf) will be out in digital stores on January 16, 2019 as the first single from the forthcoming extended play. The EP, “the things that you cannot see”, will be released on February 13, 2019.

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