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“Disorientation,” An Emotional Odyssey Released By Astrale

Disorientation Cover Art (From Astrale)

After releasing his track “Always Be There” featuring the vocals of GIAN, EDM producer Astrale returns with his latest single “Disorientation.” Featuring impeccable vocals from unknown but extremely talented vocalists, “Disorientation” will send chills down your spine and leave you feeling exactly what the title says: disoriented.

The song begins in a blissful atmosphere, making you feel like you are walking through a forest. Following the journey through the forest, the incredible male vocals come in and tell a story veiled by the astonishing production around the vocals. It is hard to solely focus on lyrics when you are trying to focus on every little part of the song that makes it so great.
Then the drop hits. Powerful basses, beautiful chords, and meticulous melodies break through the peaceful atmosphere experienced in the beginning of the song to bring about a whole new aura.
The song continues with even better female vocals and a similar, but slower, drop. The outro adds the finishing touch and leaves the listener wanting more.

The atmosphere and song structure is heavily influenced by artists such as Puppet. However, this is far from being a bad thing. Astrale incorporates his own unique style into this track to further improve on their styles and distinctly make it his own.

The whole track is so well done. From the amazing drums and percs to the slight detune of the distant bass toward the end of the song, “Disorientation” left me wanting to put it on repeat for hours on end the first time I listened to it. I know that it will do the same for you.

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