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PREMIERE: Astrale Has Something to Say with Always Be There, Featuring GIAN

About a year ago, we got a first listen of a song by former RA Agency member, Astrale, during his first-ever interview with Rave Advisory. It was a song that was radically organic; a track with unprecedented texture, deep meaning, and fresh appeal.

In the many months that followed, the young producer sent that track to a handful of producers for impressions and thoughts. Though many of the reviews were positive, the 15-year-old Sacramento-based producer grew second thoughts about releasing the track. As months passed, the sound of this record become synonymous with nostalgia and uncertainty. In a literal sense though, it did become a topic of nostalgia and uncertainty for Astrale. So after a year and some change, it brings us great joy to show you this other-worldly and unique sliver of the future we heard in the past: it’s called Always Be There.


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