Paul Point Releases Heavy-Hitting New Song, “Stardust”

The epic future bass producer Paul Point just dropped an amazing new song, “Stardust”, featuring vocalist Micheal Bruner. Paul Point has released with Future Bass Records, Hybrid Trap, Phuture Collective, and many more. He’s earned those releases with his unique take on future bass. His songs usually consist of dope (unique) leads, well-constructed chord stacks, and great drums and beats.

Stardust starts with a beautiful, new take on the vocal chop lead. That then leads into a chill breakdown with breathtaking vocals and lyrics from Bruner, asking the question: “weren’t we born for more than destruction?”. The drops all hit hard and touch the feels with strong chords and intense basslines with beautiful melodies on top. The song finishes with an airy, spaced-out version of the intro’s vocal chop (still incredible) and a chill pad to finish the piece off with a calm vibe. The lyrics and vocals are beautiful in and of themselves but, when you combine them with Paul Point’s dope production, you have a masterpiece.

Stardust, by Paul Point featuring Micheal Bruner is available on SoundCloud and is also available for free download.

[Cover art provided by Hybrid Trap]

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