Dritic Drops Powerful New Song “Tell Me” Featuring Evoke

The up-and-coming producer Dritic just dropped an entrancing, powerful new song on the AIA’s label EDM.com. The song features Evoke, an incredible singer, known for working with Arrient on the hit, “Fall Into Me”. With these two working on a song together, you can expect it to be great.

And great it is; with powerful drops; beautiful, surreal breakdowns; and incredible vocals from Evoke. The song starts off by entrancing you with a wide array of ambient sounds and that leads to a breakdown and buildup with the perfect vocals from Evoke.  The drop hits at the perfect time with less ambient, insanely powerful chord stacks and a unique melody made with sampled parts of the vocal.

Dritic has truly nailed it with this track. I can tell now, Dritic will make it big in the next few years if he keeps releasing tracks like “Tell Me”. The mixing, arrangement, and (beautiful) vocals all work together perfectly to make this song an incredible journey for your ears.

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