Seven Lions Creates Waves with New EP “Ocean”

Seven Lions has been a monumental name in EDM for quite some time. With the release of his two-track EP with Jason Ross “Ocean” through his label Ophelia, Jeff Montalvo, the mastermind behind Seven Lions, proves why he is one of the biggest names in electronic music. Jeff brings different genres of EDM to life in these captivating masterpieces. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Ocean (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn)

Being the spotlight track of this EP, “Ocean” does not disappoint. Featuring stunning vocals from Jonathan Mendelsohn, this track creates an ambiance not recognizable in many other songs. The synth work is incredible and the distant vocal chops in the background add a lot of density to the atmosphere. As is the usual for Seven Lions, his sound design is insane. However, some fans are saying that “Ocean” sounds very similar to the Crystal Skies remix of “With You” by Illenium. In fact, if you close your eyes and listen to the song, you might think that Illenium himself produced it. Either way, this concept pales in comparison to the melodies and chords of this song crafted so carefully.

The Sirens

My favorite out of the two tracks, “The Sirens” is a very eerie track. This track combines trance and dubstep into one beautifully crafted song. It is a huge change from the alluring and harmonic structure of “Ocean”. Starting out with an absolutely huge atmosphere accompanied by distant, but distinct, sirens, the track then transitions into a quickly moving trance drop with a huge thumping bass line. After a very chill, melodic, and ambient interlude, the track makes its mark. With huge growling basses and another pulsing bass line, the dubstep section of this song takes the cake. Although some of the basses may seem out of place at times or a bit odd, the design of not only the sounds but the whole song is incredible.

With Seven Lions’ last original track being released about a month ago, this EP was very refreshing to hear as a longtime fan of Jeff’s. The tracks within “Ocean” combine various elements together to create a wave of sound to rush over you and leave you in awe of what you just heard. Don’t forget to support, share, and spread the news of Seven Lions and Jason Ross’ EP “Ocean”. 

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