MEJKO & synktra Team Up With Ashley Apollodor on “Voyager”


MEJKO and synktra are two artists you’ve probably never heard of, but they’re two artists who have been hidden under a guise of silence for the last year. However, the two have broken that silence today with the release of a new trap tune on the Artist Intelligence Agency’s Wonderlust label. It’s a resonant and moving production called Voyager, which features the lush and ethereal vocals of songwriter Ashley Apollodor. It’s a song that effortlessly coheres deep and moving basses with unprecedented texture—namely, the haunting piano intro, the complimenting brass in the drop, the finesse percussion, and other-worldly vocal mashes—which goes untouched in most trap. It’s a sound that, all-in-all, reflects the song’s title and mysterious muse extremely well.

The track represents the first original release for both MEJKO and synktra in over a year. It serves as a sign of things to come from both talented teens and their complimenting works. If there’s one thing that can be said about this collaboration, it’s that the wholly organic style that these two pioneering musicians have constructed is not just contagious, but deserving of reception. Luckily, that opinion has been paralleled by top-tier promoters such as Bass Nation, Superior Tracks, and Trap & Bass who have already shouted out the massive tune on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and beyond.

You can find Voyager on major retailers and streaming outlets such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music. So, that said, make sure to check out the tune and support MEJKO, synktra, and Ashley Apollodor by listening to Voyager and—if you’re feeling especially spicy and supportive—buying and sharing this massive song.

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[Cover art by MEJKO; provided by RA Agency/MEJKO]

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