Christopher Normann Releases New Jazzy Single, “love”

For a little over one year now, Krakn (aka Christopher Normann) has been releasing hit after hit, each gaining him more plays and followers. Christopher has racked up hundreds of thousands of plays and has released with labels like No Copyright Sounds. He has also been supported by many podcasts, including Mike Williams’ show “On Track”.  Christopher has consistently released almost exclusively future house and future bass as Krakn.

Now, he is going in a different direction with his new alias, Christopher Normann. Christopher Normann’s first release is a beautiful, laid-back track, released on Night Owl Collective. The song, Love, starts off with jazzy chords played on an instrument reminiscent of an analog synthesizer made in the 1980s. It then goes into a beautiful breakdown which introduces a flute lead which persists throughout the song. The rest of the song is back-and-forth between full, intricate drops with jazzy drums and chill breakdowns with great atmosphere, light claps and wood blocks as percussion. The song ends with a cute chord stab on the synthesizer we heard in the intro and throughout most of the song.

Overall, this track brings great vibes and is an incredible new style for Krakn. You can find it as part of Night Owl Collective’s new compilation album, Feel Trip, Vol. 3 on Bandcamp and beyond.

[Cover Art Provided by Night Owl Collective]

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