MitiS – ‘Til the End – Album Review

With the recent release of his debut album, ‘Til the End, producer MitiS delivered a collection of wonderfully executed tracks reminiscent of his original style that brought him to his current success, combined with strong vocal work from a number of featured vocalists. Throughout the album, MitiS’ production work flows perfectly between tracks, resulting in one of the best albums I’ve heard so far this year. This album demonstrates MitiS’ ability to combine his unique production style with an atmospheric feel brought into this album that brings it together. In our track-by-track, we’ll break down our two cents on each song in this hot new release from MrSuicideSheep’s Seeking Blue Records.

‘Til the End

The first track on the album, ‘Til the End serves as an introduction and flows smoothly into the rest of the album. Featuring a slow build and soft, orchestral melodies, it’s a beautifully composed introduction and helps to create the atmosphere of the album as a whole. While it doesn’t necessarily stand on its own as a track, it demonstrates the album’s intent to act as a cohesive whole, rather than simply as a collection of tracks. Some perspectives on this may be different, but I find that some of the best albums I’ve heard–this one included–are better as a whole than listened to separately.

Away (feat. Gioto)

Away was one of my favorite singles and still remains my favorite in part because of the vocals on the track. The percussion, the chord progression, and the vocal all fit together perfectly, continuing the atmosphere of the album and showing MitiS’ skill at creating tracks that fit within an album without sacrificing their ability to sound great on their own.

Moments (feat. Adara)

This track was the first single released from ‘Til the End, and it’s another one of my favorites. The vocal from Moments feels similar to the one from Away, and is a great followup to the former track on the album. In addition, I’ve found it to have some of the best production on the album, with powerful drum and bass features and the combination with emotional melodies.

By My Side (feat. Tedy)

This track sounds a bit different than the other album singles, with its heavy vocal processing, but it retains the emotional feel that exists throughout the rest of the album. In addition to its unique vocal, it features a drop that sounds more like future bass than the other singles that retain a drum and bass feel. The overall production of this track is, as with the rest of this album, beautifully executed, and its production remains different and stands out in a way that pushes this album to be varied yet cohesive.

Reconnect (feat. MaHi)

Unlike much of this album, this track doesn’t feature a vocal, but it does use vocal chops throughout the track, helping it to have memorable production and a well-made melody. It doesn’t stand out quite as much as some of the tracks on this album, though. While it’s well produced and interesting, it’s slightly underwhelming based on the singles that come before it.

Your Revolution

Acting as an interlude on the album, Your Revolution maintains the overall atmosphere of the album while introducing some elements not seen before. I found the percussion in this track to be some of the best on the album. The lo-fi future bass feel of the end of the track was something I wasn’t quite expecting, but it fits extremely well with this track and introduces fresh elements into the album.

Forests (feat. Lauren Hunter)

This track wasn’t one of my favorites from the album. I generally found it to be underwhelming, with a vocal that doesn’t quite stand up to the ones seen previously on the album. While the production is good, it’s again not quite as good as I expected from the rest of the album. It’s overall not a bad track, but it didn’t quite meet the expectations I had developed through the beginning of the album.

For Miles & Miles (feat. Party Nails)

For Miles & Miles seems to continue the trend of Forests, as it’s another reasonably well made track that doesn’t really bring anything unique or quite live up to the beginning of the album. It’s still good, but it really isn’t as good as I would have wanted it to be. The drops also sound badly mixed to me, with some of the elements becoming hard to hear.

We Collide

We Collide goes back to some of the earlier production work on this album, with a track that I found to be very well executed. I found it enjoyable to listen to, with more of the atmospheric production work seen through the album along with powerful percussion and more use of vocal chops. It’s a refreshing track to find after the previous tracks that I didn’t enjoy quite as much.

Embers (with SubLion) (feat. PRXZM)

This track has a softer feel than some of the other tracks on this album, and parts of it have some of the best atmospheric production on this album. The only thing I found that I didn’t like as much about this track in particular was that the vocal seems to be off-beat in some places. This might just be me, but it’s something I noticed that made this track feel weaker to me than it might have.


As the final track on this album, Dreams acts as a conclusion to the previous tracks. Some of the sound design work on this track was extremely well done, and it works well as an outro. It preserves the atmosphere of the rest of the album well, but I did find that in some parts it sounds like it might have some issues with mastering, specifically in the percussion. This might be deliberate, but it does seem like something that should have been changed in a few small sections.

Overall, I’d say that the album was nothing unprecedented, but it is what would be anticipated from a debut album. Frankly, it’s the kind of album you gain more from listening to it from start-to-finish than from skipping between songs: It’s a journey, and a great one at the least. It’s also a journey that is making its rounds on a Fall tour featuring PRXZM and Party Nails. Check out the stops for the first round of the ‘Til the End tour here, and don’t forget to listen to, support, and share MitiS’ album if you’ve enjoyed it.

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