Picking Up Where We Left Off: RA Magazine is Back

A year ago today, I sat down and wrote my first article for a quaint and scrappy blogging operation called Rave Advisory. In my first article, a memoir to my first experience at a music festival, I laid out the reasons for why I got involved in the music scene and why it has inspired me in my life. 

At the time, I wasn’t aware of it but what I essentially wrote was an ultimatum. In one year, so much has changed in my world and several months after I wrote that post, I made a conscious effort to shutter the Rave Advisory blog due to a lack of resources. This marked a pivot towards a focus on helping artists one-on-one. In July 2017, I opened up the RA Agency and started helping small artists grow their careers. In that same month, myself and two friends founded wave.ac. In September 2017, we released our first song on the Rave Advisory Collective—a label that helps artists release their music independently and retain control over it.

Looking back, we’ve made a lot of progress. In fact, the only thing that hasn’t really changed is the blog: I’m literally writing a new first post, a year from the original first post. However, this time around—we have something we didn’t have before: we have a community with artists, resources, and writers. We have new vision and new energy, and I cannot underscore the importance of the lessons and information learned from these last 365 days through the Collective and the Agency. This is why I’m glad to say the Rave Advisory blog is back, and here to deliver on a promise to provide quality and relevant material relating to the sound, culture, and industry of the electronic and independent music industry. It’s something I’m confident we can do now because, well–we’ve done it so well for the last 9 months, just without the blog.

So that said, follow us on our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or join our Discord. We’ll not only post about the music we love, or the music from our talented pool of rostered artists on our agency or artist collective, but also about the scene, industry, and culture we love. Like the first time around, we won’t write for views or perpetuate the growing trope of sensationalizing news or material that need not be. We’re committed to focusing on quality, rather than ad revenue and counting marbles. For that reason, we hope you stick around and support our quaint and cosy corner of the internet. We promise we’ll make it worth your time.

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