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Stem is the Music Distributor Artists Need

If you’re an artist, you know all too well the difficulties of getting heard. When confronting listeners and fans and asking them to check out your work nowadays, their first question always seems to be the same: “Will your song be on _____?” Usually, that

The Importance of Raising Students in Music

Music education in schools is vital for where music will be taken in years to come.  Music education needs to be pushed in as many schools as possible to bring to light the joy and creativity of music. Music provides a variety of opportunities for students

Christopher Normann Releases New Jazzy Single, “love”

For a little over one year now, Krakn (aka Christopher Normann) has been releasing hit after hit, each gaining him more plays and followers. Christopher has racked up hundreds of thousands of plays and has released with labels like No Copyright Sounds. He has also been

MitiS – ‘Til the End – Album Review

With the recent release of his debut album, ‘Til the End, producer MitiS delivered a collection of wonderfully executed tracks reminiscent of his original style that brought him to his current success, combined with strong vocal work from a number of featured vocalists. Throughout the