Sorrow Releases First Single, Reverie, from Forthcoming EP

This past week, electronic music collective Inspected put out a notice regarding their 35th catalogue release. Several hours later, the U.K-based collective confirmed that the new release was an EP from grime & UK garage artist Sorrow; the label pushed a preview of the new EP entitled, The Twelve EP, and announced that the new bass record would drop digitally and on vinyl on July 28. Today, however, Sorrow and Inspected treated us to a look at the forthcoming EP by premiering its first single, Reverie.

The single opens with an ethereal woodwind instrument, accompanied by rigid and punchy hats. After calmly introducing the track, the record fades into the warm signature bass that defines Sorrow’s eccentric and relaxing style of grime & garage. The percussive elements and bass meld finely together in such a way that though these elements are clear and punchy; when contrasted with the faded ethereal flute, the mix feels clearer and more airy.

Altogether, it’s a song that gives you the sensation you’re staring upon majestic landscapes, or feeling your transcendence in the coarse texture of the universe. It’s a song that has elements that so finely cohere that the result feels lush and relaxing. Furthermore, it’s a track you have to listen to — and it’s one you’re apt to resonate with at any hour of the day.

Sorrow’s The Twelve EP features four other songs besides Reverie and will be available July 28, 2017. You can pre-order the record on vinyl on the Inspected store and get an mp3 download with it. Alternatively, the record will be available via Sorrow’s Bandcamp webstore starting at the end of July.

[Cover art courtesy Inspected, art design by Kasper Plougmand]

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