Vanic Drops New Remix of Big Sean’s “Bounce Back”

Roughly three years ago, Vanic dropped his hit remix of Machineheart’s Circles. Back then, our editor-in-chief — yours truly — was writing for a big music blog called EDMChicago. His song made its way onto my radar by means of one of my friends, and little did I know that hearing the song and reaching out to Vanic himself would put me in the good seats to watch the Vancouver-based producer’s rise to the top. After Circles, Vanic dropped melodically resonant remix after remix and put tracks on the lineup as his play counter exceeded the tens of millions.

As of the last year, Vanic has dropped several original tracks, but his remix game has no-doubt stayed up to date. Today, Vanic dropped a bangin’ new remix of Big Sean’s Bounce Back. It’s the first remix from the acclaimed producer in several months, and it has a gritty, danceable style like nothing he’s produced as of late. In Vanic’s deck of cards, it’s a darker, but still melodically-minded, track. The whole track has an ethereal undertone, which for the majority of the track goes unnoticed, as it is overshadowed by a dirty FM lead. These things are probably not too familiar to most Vanic fans, considering his discography’s long-standing history of keeping to softer sounds, but the accompanying wavey synth lead that makes up the drop should certainly be familiar.

If anything, these variances from track-to-track have proven Vanic’s versatility as far as his sound goes. Many artists can become complacent using the same “signature sounds”, but this remix refines some of Vanic’s provably contagious noises. Overall, start-to-finish, this track transcends the whole spectrum of sounds and emotions you’d hope. It’s a journey; and it’s a departure from some warmer, Summer-y vibes that have been dropping as of late — and frankly, it’s a departure worth noting.

[Cover art courtesy Vanic]

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