Danger – 19:00 Receives Eerie New Video

Clock boy stands within the space on the cover of the album as he is bombarded by pink and green light. Top text - DANGER logo. Bottom text - 19:00 FT. TASHA THE AMAZON
Press release photograph for Danger’s 19:00 MV.

Coming fresh off the release of debut album 太鼓, a new music video is available for standout single 19:00 feat. Tasha the Amazon. It features the musician himself, as well as recurring themes and characters from his other songs and artwork. In it, we are given a strong vision of the compatibility (or lack thereof) between technology and nature, as well as good vs. light and child vs. adult. The video is foreboding and dramatic, a perfect visual representation of the track itself. It draws on both Danger’s experience as a graphic designer and his “fascination with anime”. It is presented in perfect 4K at 2160p.

Danger – 太鼓 is available now from 1789 Records on all major digital music platforms.

We will provide further coverage for this album with our upcoming track-by-track analysis. Please keep your dial on Rave Advisory until then.

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