PREMIERE: Astrale Drops Uplifting New Single “Blinding Skies”

After having the opportunity of sitting down with 15-year-old Trevor Higuera (Astrale) earlier this week, we at Rave Advisory were treated to the opportunity to premiere our first track ever, and needless to say we were extremely excited just getting something – but from Astrale this sense of excitement was enormously elevated. Seldom do you find an artist with such a refined sense of composition and creative style at such a young age, and yet, before us is a teen who has demonstrated it in a higher form of production than even some of the finest producers in the industry have managed to do so.

This consistency keeps up on Astrale’s new single dropped today on Future Bass Records. It’s a track called “Blinding Skies”, and it’s a song Higuera says he finished two months ago on a shoddy day. It’s a song that starts with, and retains a sort of  with a distant and ethereal sense. The record slides into a resonating bass which does not dominate the mix, but rather generously adds to the atmosphere of the drop, composed with huge wavey high ends, a glitchy modulated lead, and harmonic breaks. To put it simply, it paints a pretty picture using some of the most complimentary sounds I have heard in this sect of future bass. And yet, despite this pretty picture it paints, these harmonies have depth to them that makes them feel almost haunting in a sense. Overall, it’s a song that aligns so well with the ambitious and unique style that Astrale has demonstrated up to this point, but also constructively adds so much and is a pressing example of the teen’s progressive style.

In addition to having this premiere, we also had an opportunity to sit down with Higuera and talk about Astrale and his rise to the top. You can check out the interview here, or find him on Soundcloud here.


[Cover art courtesy Astrale, Future Bass Records]

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