Novation Announces New Hardware Synths: Peak & Circuit Mono

U.K-based music hardware company Novation has announced two synthesizers in anticipation of Superbooth in Berlin tomorrow, April 20. The two synths: the Novation Peak, and Novation Circuit Mono, are two sort-of-but-not-really analog synths which were formally introduced to the world by email earlier today.

The Peak, arguably the bigger of Novation’s two announcements today, is Novation’s first synth since the Bass Station II was released in 2013. It’s the first desktop modular synth from Novation, and it goes 100%-full-knobbage: it’s an eight-voice polyphonic synth with 42 control knobs, 8 sliders, and over 45 functional buttons that are –no doubt– ample means to create some pretty unique and warm sounds. The synth features three high-quality New Oxford (a term used to describe the unique properties of the oscillators in the synth, created by OSCar creator Chris Hugget) Oscillators; 17 wavetables; two ADSRs a set of scalable cross-modulation knobs; two LFOs; and a pretty rad distortion option.

Though the Peak is advertised as an analog synth, its 17 wavetables are digital — and though it has an authentically analogue sound, it very much so flexes its digital muscle. This of course will make the Peak something of a transcendent digital and analog machine.

On the other hand, Novation has designed and released a new iteration of their well-received Novation Circuit. The Circuit Mono Station is an analog synth which, like its older cousin, has a drum machine and sequencer at its heart. However, the Mono Station features two independent oscillators; these of course can be sequenced, too. It’s got four waveshapes, a sub-oscillator, and a ring mod & noise generator like its cooler colleague, the Peak. However, on top of that, it’s got the light and pizzazz of the Launch series of MIDI controllers, and for synthheads with a soft spot for digital, the Mono Station will find its place in their studio, live performances, and jam sessions.

Novation will, as aforementioned, be debuting the two new synths at Superbooth exhibition in Berlin starting tomorrow. A retail launch is anticipated to follow in the May, and those interested in buying the two new offerings are recommended to check out Novation’s website and sign up to be notified when the synths become available commercially. As for prices, the Mono Station will set you back just shy of $500 whilst the Peak will set you back a solid $1300.


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