Coachella Releases 2017 First Weekend Festival Schedule

Over the past few years, Coachella has become something of a worldwide phenomenon. The festival has grown from the small bounds of Indio, California to the global awareness that has made it a massive figurehead of music festivals and pop culture. In 2016, over 200,000 tickets were sold for the festival; this year’s tickets were, no surprise, exhausted in just hours.

Coachella, like years past, have made a point of releasing the day-to-day schedule for the festival in the final hour. Today, the festival’s promoters released the full schedule for the first week of the festival — April 14-16.

Coachella also has an accompanying livestream which, though selective on exactly which artists are livestreamed, is nonetheless a good experience for those wanting to kick back and listen at home on their television or computers. This schedule is typically released just before the festival, but we’ll update this post accordingly as we hear more details pertaining to the livestream. However, for attendees on the ground who will get to curate their own viewing this weekend, it looks like there’s definitely gonna be some rough choices to be made. Later this week on Rave Advisory, we’ll put together our top ten “must see” acts for people looking for a good mix of dance, chill, and beautiful vibes. Until then, stay tuned to our Twitter for more details.

UPDATE #1 (4/12/17, 00:03): We have obtained an ‘evolving’ copy of the livestream schedule for the first weekend. Check it out here.

[Thumbnail photo by Jason Persse via Flickr/Wikimedia; Coachella schedule via @coachella Twitter] 

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