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MUSTDIE! Releases Free New Tour Single, “Tactics”

Never Say Die artists MUSTDIE! and Eptic have embarked on a journey to shake venues across North America with their banging bass music. Their back-to-back tour, the HYPER FUTURE tour kicked off two weeks ago at the Florida Theater in Gainsville and to coincide with the inauguration of the tour, headliner MUSTDIE! released a filthy new dubstep track called Tactics.

The track, packed full of growls, riddim elements, and high screeches sure to satisfy any quench for the lowband. It’s takes the ample elements that characterize MUSTDIE!’s stylized slice of dubstep and puts them into a composition that flaunts an uncanny amount of fluidity, despite a large variety of sounds and distinction in those individual sounds’ sound design, and well-done mixing. The growls and high-pitched sounds that comprise the drop are one of the finest contrasts of this track — they’re so different in terms of what part of the spectrum they fall on, but they are so well put together. While these characteristic ‘screeches’ are a trademark of some dubstep, MUSTDIE!’s have a complex, individual sound to them which, no doubt, set them out against the likes of other bass bangers.

Independent of the drop, the unique bitcrushed arp which guides the track on its ‘dancey-throwdown’ journey is reminiscent of 80s video games. It has a warmness to it and simultaneously a sense of eeriness to it that plays into the track quite wonderfully. You wouldn’t think anything of it if it weren’t pointed out to you that it does serve as the transition between drops, and gives the track a somewhat necessary melodic element. That’s not to say dubstep isn’t melodic, but it is to say that it’s easy to forget that what you’re listening to has melodic belonging when it is created with these synths and samples with such ambitious sound design. Nonetheless, good dubstep does have that sense of melody when played back, and MUSTDIE! is one of the few artists who can manage to make it complicated and still keep it highly enjoyable.


[Cover art & thumbnail art courtesy MUSTDIE!, Never Say Die]

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