Pogo Uploads Dark New Track, “Undone”

YouTube wunderkind Nick Bertke, known by his artist name Pogo, has amassed an audience of over 600,000 subscribers, and with a channel on the brink of almost 200 million views, many who browse the video upload site have become familiar with his joyous music, made with samples from movies, TV shows, politicians and Disney animated films.

However, far fewer are familiar with his Soundcloud, a place where the Perth-based artist escapes some of the expectations of his formal creative presence on YouTube to experiment, upload demos, and express different themes in his music. One of his latest uploads is for a dark and dramatic new track called Undone.

Undone is a track given definition by an ominous arpeggiated synth, intermixed with a mix of glitchy vocal mashes, deep percussive hits, and the occasional quiet, mellow clinging of metal. As far as tracks by Pogo go, Undone is an extreme contrast from the regularly uploaded; that contrast has something to be said about it and speaks abundantly about the diversity of Bertke’s work. The track feels like it would best blend itself to a film or game score, or better yet, a collection of alike experimental tracks. However, as an independent piece of work, Undone stands out as a mostly optimistic producer’s unique transcendence into the dismal and dark.


[Cover art & thumbnail art courtesy Pogo, created and designed by artist and illustrator Austen Mengler. Check out Mengler’s work on his site.]

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