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Welcome to Rave Advisory

On a Summer day in 2012, I found myself at North Coast Music Festival, a music festival held annually in Chicago’s Union Park near West Side. The headliners were a warm variety of artists I had never heard of, nor concerned myself with. In fact, I concerned myself instead with the sets of Madeon and A-Trak, two artists who were throwing down on a stage not too far from the entrance. As their two sets unfurled, back-to-back, I took in a chaotic diversity of people: headbangers, scantily-dressed men and women, frat guys, dudes who were “feeling some sort of way”, circle-dancers, and so-on and so forth.

As I left the festival that evening, attending just one day, I wished I had attended more. Unknown to me at the time, my 12-year-old self had cracked open a long sought-out necessity in my young life: a place. For some time, I had considered my self a fan of music, and alone in that love for loud noises. But in stepping into a completely foreign environment, in this case, a music festival, I found some closure with my yearning for something. I found not just music and my love for it, but a love for the culture that concerns itself with it.

It was in this moment that I knew, I belonged at the rave.

I know that sounds ridiculous, but it truly is what drove me, and over the months and years that have followed that significant turning point. I transformed from just being a listener to being consumed by listening. I’ve had a unique opportunity to grow up loving, writing, and living in a world of sound. Noise has developed into one of my choice languages, and I consider myself relatively fluent in it because of a history in contributing to a number of electronic music-centric publications. The work I’ve done has given me some perspective and consistency in writing about music news, artists, and of course, the tracks themselves. However, after a good deal of time spent doing that for others — often times for free — I found myself anhedonic about writing and I became frustrated with the music I listened to in turn. In this time of jadedness, I turned to the noises that inspired me most and found some temporary refuge to consider what I wanted. It became clear after some sum of time that what I wanted was to write about the stuff I cared about most: the scene and all that was comprised of it. I’m talking about great music, great artists, great performances, great art; and that was the stuff I became obsessed with. That obsession in turn has led me to this point, something to the effect of five years later opening this place: Rave Advisory.

It’s a place that I reckon I’ll be maintaining by myself for awhile, especially because I am merely a 17-year-old with little-to-no capital to compensate talented writers, photographers, visual artists, and so on. But that’s perfectly okay, because this lil’ music “journalism” blog is a section of the Internet I have longed to have. In my dreams, it serves as a place where I can curate music, old and new, whilst talking about artists of all genres, backgrounds, and styles. In addition, it serves as a place for me to cover music news more journalistically, and to emphasize on serving integrity — unlike some outlets which flaunt their news section as news even though it consists mainly of editorialized pandering and SEO-clickbait-social media triggerfinger material. That said, I’m one for journalistic integrity, and definitely one for creative integrity. If there’s anything I’d most want to pride myself on working on whilst here, It’s putting focus on the music, stories, and content that matters.

Despite my obvious jab above though, I speak frankly and honestly when I say I want Rave Advisory to serve as my space to serve up my little sliver of music-centric content. It’s a testament of my life for the music, and clear evidence of the fact that I am legitimately living on another emotional plane when it comes to music if nothing else [God pray for my friends and family.] Though the blogging space for music is definitely diluted and in electronic music, it’s especially over-populated, I will concern myself mostly with the quality of the content. This is not to dismiss the importance of optimization, SEO, and viewership. However, this is not a place to continue the disgusting trend of clickbaity, keyword viewership-driving competition. It’s a place for ingenuity.

So this all said, I want this to stand as a manifesto of my conviction. I want this place to special and fun, but I also want it to be a challenge to hold myself to a standard to deliver the integrity I wish all music journalism (and really all news) would hold itself to. This of course is difficult, but in the sense that I concern myself with music and integrity, I hope people recognize the value of this publication’s dedication, quality, and contribution.

My name is Noah Weidner and this is the Rave Advisory.


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